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just joined

Hey everyone!  I just joined and I thought I would introduce myself!

Uh... where do I start.  Well, I am a huge Nintendo fan (<-yeah, go figure).  I've been a nintendo fangirl since I was five years old (I just couldn't get enough of SMB 2 on my cousins' NES ><!).  My favorite games are Resident Evil and Zelda and my favorite platform is Wii.

Well, thats it I guess!  I could go on for hours, but I would just be reiterating the fact that I am a rabid Nintendo fangirl, so I will spare you =P

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[01-06] The White Stripes
[07-15] Brody Dalle/The Distillers
[16-42] Gwen Stefani (plus one banner)
[43-95] Arrested Development
[96-140] The Office (3 from an upcoming episode, plus one Pam banner)
[141-160] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
[161-186] Heroes
[187-195] Tori Amos
[196-233] Six Feet Under (5.12 Everyone's Waiting, Series Finale PLUS one banner)
[234-265] Fast Times at Ridgemont High
[266-290] Lyrics and Quotes (Arrested Dev., Tori Amos, Björk, etc)

Tons more right HERE
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well i have a wii. ive had it for a while, and after a few weeks of hard work a months ago ive been able to get it online. let me tell ya it was a bitch to do.
now that i have things going the way i want... i dont know any one else who has one. so if u have a wii please feel free to add me to your friend adresses

0448 5412 9926 5392

and i shall do the same in return.