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Animal Crossing: City Folk LJ Community! [15 Jul 2008|04:16pm]

Animal Crossing: City Folk Community!

I just opened ac_cityfolk, an all-ages community for the upcoming Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii. Come join if you can't wait for the new AC to be released! :D

Thanks for reading! :)
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[28 Mar 2008|03:54pm]




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just joined [27 Apr 2007|01:25am]

Hey everyone!  I just joined and I thought I would introduce myself!

Uh... where do I start.  Well, I am a huge Nintendo fan (<-yeah, go figure).  I've been a nintendo fangirl since I was five years old (I just couldn't get enough of SMB 2 on my cousins' NES ><!).  My favorite games are Resident Evil and Zelda and my favorite platform is Wii.

Well, thats it I guess!  I could go on for hours, but I would just be reiterating the fact that I am a rabid Nintendo fangirl, so I will spare you =P
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A blast from the past. [25 Apr 2007|10:31pm]


oh, the good ol' days.
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[21 Apr 2007|05:12pm]

[01-06] The White Stripes
[07-15] Brody Dalle/The Distillers
[16-42] Gwen Stefani (plus one banner)
[43-95] Arrested Development
[96-140] The Office (3 from an upcoming episode, plus one Pam banner)
[141-160] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
[161-186] Heroes
[187-195] Tori Amos
[196-233] Six Feet Under (5.12 Everyone's Waiting, Series Finale PLUS one banner)
[234-265] Fast Times at Ridgemont High
[266-290] Lyrics and Quotes (Arrested Dev., Tori Amos, Björk, etc)

Tons more right HERE
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[11 Apr 2007|01:57pm]

well i have a wii. ive had it for a while, and after a few weeks of hard work a months ago ive been able to get it online. let me tell ya it was a bitch to do.
now that i have things going the way i want... i dont know any one else who has one. so if u have a wii please feel free to add me to your friend adresses

0448 5412 9926 5392

and i shall do the same in return.
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About Time Nintendo and Sega Teamed up. [08 Apr 2007|12:32am]

I had meant to post this back on April Fools Day, but I ended up posting it on my own journal on accident.

No, not an April fools joke... No, really! It's not, I swear!

Hey, maybe Sonic'll be able to make it to brawl now... well, maybe not. But it doesn't hurt to be optimistic.
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Newbie Alert! [06 Apr 2007|11:16pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

ApplicationCollapse )

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[28 Mar 2007|04:24pm]


I cant wait to bomb dodongos!
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[22 Mar 2007|07:01pm]

Inspired by the awesome last post, I decided to post something along the same lines that I found.

This guy's a piano god.
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High School Band does Zelda Music! [18 Mar 2007|01:25pm]

They play Zelda first then later Super Mario Brothers.  This is amazingness.

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New Mario Toys to Cuddle With! [16 Mar 2007|11:03am]


New Mario Toys To Cuddle


Mario in a blue shell? Luigi in a suit? Banpresto has released new Mario plush toys. They're Japan-only, but importers should carry them. Adorable, just adorable (the plush toys, not the importers). Brian Ashcraft

New Mario Stuffed Toys [Siliconera]

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Classic Gaming Club? [05 Mar 2007|08:39pm]

 I want to start a Classic Gaming Club at my school, I can get an approval from the media teacher cause he's a pretty cool guy and he runs the TV room.

I got together a bunch of kids and I dumped my own money into aquiring some NES and SNES systems with a LOT of games, I actually saved a lot of money compared to outrageous ebay bidders.


I'm just trying to put together a good "Mission Statement" to show its "enrichment and educational values" and why it would be an entity to the school.

Any tips? I have a few BS ideas as well :]
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Wii! [23 Feb 2007|10:04am]

It's sad, I know, but I just got a Wii yesterday. It's the best ever! So far I have Wii Sports and Zelda, and I'm enjoying them a lot.

What games is everyone else playing?

Who else is superstoked for Mario Party 8 and Super Paper Mario? MII!
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[20 Jan 2007|01:43pm]


oh joy
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[06 Jan 2007|12:00am]

[01-28] Dick in a Box SNL skit
[29-34] The Notebook
[35-42] When Harry Met Sally
[43-95] Buffalo '66
[96-107] Clerks 2
[108-112] Super Mario World
[113-116] Nicole Richie
[117-121] Christina Aguilera
[122-147] The Office (Episode: Back from Vacation)
[148-195] Quotes/lyrics [The Office, SNL, Seinfeld, etc]

{{ the rest HERE }}
credit and comment at the link :)

[08 Dec 2006|11:22am]

ApplicationCollapse )
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Wii-less? [25 Nov 2006|08:22pm]

Is anyone else leading an unfulfilled life because they don't have a Wii yet? I know I am!

I read an article (that I strangely can't find now) saying that Best Buy has been hoarding Wiis for tomorrow, something related to Sunday advertisements, blah blah blah. Anyway, each Best Buy is supposed to have anywhere from 24-120 Wiis. 120! I know someone who works at Best Buy in Seattle where they have 60 Wiis right now.

I am taking the first bus tomorrow morning so I can be there before they open. Wii! (I hope!)
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You can't spell dedication without dead. [20 Nov 2006|11:40pm]

Ha-Ha. Just to let you guys know I'm not dead. AND NIETHER IS THIS COMMUNITY.

Anyways, Yesterday was the great and all mighty release date for the wii.

The Wii

Anyways, anyone got any good wii stories?

I sat out side of target from about 10:30 pm untill 8 am. I could have came at 7 and still got one, but it felt good to be first... reeeaaalll good.

It wasn't all good though, tragedy struck and both my cellphone and my ipod met a bitter end. The cell phone was dropped and half the screen decides not to work, and as for the ipod... the street cleaner ran it over...

This is all documented, and I'm not sure of how great the footage is, but I was thinking of doing a slight documentary sorta thing entitled The Wii Survival guide I doubt how good it'll be, because I missed so many great moments. Especially the part where I got the wii. And also the whole "I GOT THE TICKET!!!" "RUN HOME BRANDON, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!" But all Willie Wonka references aside, it was really fun... really cold, but really fun. :)

I'm also not sure how much since this entire entry makes.... I'm still in a sort of sleep deprevation-sorta thing from getting barley any sleep for the last 3 days. Graaarrrrr.... zzzzzzz

oh, and remeber to vote for the applicants... even though I'm pretty sure it's pointless... maybe it'll be less exclusive and more of like a little about me section sorta thing... I dunno...

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application [18 Nov 2006|04:30pm]

applicationCollapse )
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